SECONDATE X KURVE BUNDLE - courage bodysuit & rude nude eyeshadow palette

  • Rp 476,000.00

The design is inspired by Wonder Woman. The X is Wonder Woman's weapon of choice. And when you have her courage, you are powerful. Use your courage as a weapon to speak up, to fight through struggles and to reach your goals.

Bodysuit carved to give you support, elegance and beauty. With our unique X and bone pattern, never be afraid to flaunt your shape. You are beautiful more than you’ll ever know. combined with our rude nude eyeshadow palette, you'll be ready for whichever path you would take. the rude nude palette is packed with buttery mattes in neutral shades, pressed glitter, wet metallics and of course, we had to throw in some glittery pixie dust in there because you just never know.

  • Custom designed body fit
  • Custom-made comfortable, lightweight and stretchy material
  • Fashion engineered to be comfortable and be shape flattering
  • Bodysuit
  • Available in 3 colors: venom (a shade of black), stark (a shade of light cream) and raw (a shade of baby pink)



How to take care of your KURVE:

  • Hand washed, do not soak
  • No washing machine
  • No dryer
  • Please wash separately

Note : Do not mix colours when washing.