did you know? more than 120 billion units of cosmetics packaging are produced globally each year, and a lot of which is not recyclable.

every piece of packaging which is produced, used, and thrown away is a valuable resource taken from the planet in ways that often damage nature and adversely impact local communities. switching from plastic to other eco-friendly materials does not instantly solve the problem. however, we need a movement from beauty brands as well as the community.

that's right! mother earth has long been known to be devastated with humankind’s harmful actions. due to that reason, our journey to sustainability is disrupted with the infamous effects of climate change. in a world where our resources are increasingly limited, SECONDATE is here to encourage you to take part for a healthier environment.

although it is surely going to be a long-term project, SECONDATE believes how the tiniest things can lead to a massive impact. not only do we strive to create an entirely eco-friendly brand, we also want you to join us as we establish our program: #RecycleWithSecondate. your participation will play such a big role for not only this plan alone, but obviously for mama earth, too!

so, are you feeling like doing something good to contribute today?

you can start with us by sending a minimum of 3 (three) of SECONDATE’s empties or boxes to a waste management company. by doing this, not only that you'll be helping mother earth by sending the waste to the right place, you will also get some DatePoints from us for each empties that can be exchanged for discounts on our website.